About Ice Cream now offers Gourmet Handmade Ice Cream Cakes. These cakes are made with our Fresh Homemade Gourmet Ice Cream, with various decorations available upon request. Pick your own flavors - Who says it has to be chocolate and Vanilla. Make it special - you are !.

No soft serve cakes made here !

Bring one home today and taste the difference!

(Minimum 2 day notice required - but call us on short notice and we will try to accommodate your needs)

  • Select two flavors from our extensive flavor selection, and we will make you the best ice cream cake you have ever eaten.
  • We guarantee a fresh all natural product and therefore require a minimum advance order notice of 2 days.
  • We will never sell you an old ice cream cake. (Buy a pre-made ice cream cake from anywhere else and it could be at least 1 month old.)
  • Ice Cream Cakes made anywhere else are typically made of soft ice cream. (Usually with the leftover end of day stuff)
  • Also, we will NEVER sell cakes made by other manufacturers. To prove our point ask them if you can choose the flavors of ice cream for your cake. Some of our competitors in town claim to make their own ice cream but carry some other manufacturers ice cream cakes - go figure !.
  • Sure theirs will look better than ours but then it is made in a factory. Besides as with everything else beauty is only skin deep! Its what is inside that counts.
  • AND our prices are competitive -- but then aren't you worth more? Since our cakes are made with hard ice cream they are denser and richer -- We even recommend you serve a smaller portion - a little goes a long way!

Round Cakes
7"x 2"
6-8 People
8"x 2"
10-12 People
10"x 3"
14-18 People
11"x 3"
22-26 People
12"x 3"
26-32 People

Rectangular Cakes
7"x 11"x 2"
10-12 People
9"x 13"x 2"
15-20 People
11"x 15"x 2"
20-25 People
12"x 18"x 2"
37-45 People

All cakes come with a message/greeting write on.
Any additional artwork is $3.00 to $10.00 extra.

Between the ice cream is a layer of Cookie Crunch (standard -NO CHARGE).

All fruit, Fudges, Syrups, Candies, Peanut Butter, etc.
in addition to the cookie crunch are $4.00 extra.

All Exotic Flavors such as Saffron Pistachio, Kulfi, Mango, Flavors with Alcohol will be charge an additional 10 %

A minimal amount of 48 hours notice is required
in order for us to make the cake to your specifications.