We all at Nuts About Ice Cream, always try extra hard to satisfy our customers. Naturally, we want to go the extra mile to make your visit more enjoyable. We know sometimes you cant come in but would love it if someone brought your order to your car or out on the sidewalk. Perhaps you have a little infant in the car and don't want to leave your car but have this urgent craving for our delicious ice cream products. Or may be you have a pet you are walking and don't want to leave it outside. Just get on the Cell phone and call us at 610-861-7733 and give us your name, a verifiable phone number, vehicle color and vehicle brand and the approximate time you want your order ready and your credit card information. ( We will keep your order ready and in the freezer and will even give you the exact amount owed so you can have your money ready.) You may even call us from the curb when you get here and we will bring your order out.


ONLY TAKE OUT CONTAINERS WITH LIDS i.e. No cone orders and due to prank calls we need your credit card information too ! A minimum purchase of $ 10.00 is required to charge on a credit card.

Available only from 3.00PM to 1/2 Hour prior to closing ! (Unless arranged 24 hours in advance)

Try to get service like that anywhere in the valley. No other Ice Cream store even offers it.


For takeout sizes and pricing go to our the damage page.

Please note : Pennsylvania Sales Tax added to all prices.


October 2003

NEWSFLASH : We now offer Curbside Pickup !

We made our famous Pumpkin Ice Cream to be served on the first day of October! No Sooner and no later ! Even though we get customers telling us to make it all year round - trust us when we tell you that Pumpkin Ice Cream does not sell in the summer months. We always try to make something different with Pumpkin. Currently we carry Plain Pumpkin, Pumpkin with ginger snap cookies, or Pumpkin Pie. So when you come in, we will have one or the other! Also we were able to get some nice fresh figs - so if you like anything with Fig, you will love our Fig ice Cream !

Flavors of the Month

Green Tea.
Mexican Coffee (Coffee, Cinnamon and Chocolate with Mexican Coffee Liquor). Pear Liquor Sorbet.