At Nuts About Ice Cream, we are always looking to serve our customers in any way we can. We now offer a unique ice cream social concept which is sure to bring everyone to the meet. (Especially when they find out that the Ice Cream Social is catered by Nuts About Ice Cream).

Call us for some ideas ranging from custom scooped Ice Cream to Make your own Sundaes parties.

Nuts About Ice Cream
Now Offers Summer Corporate Ice Cream Socials
Call us for "Make Your Own Sundaes" For All Your Corporate Social Meetings
We have the expertise and the know how to make your event a great success!

  • Select us and you will show all your hard working employees and your valuable customers that you appreciate them. Don't get caught getting the on sale supermarket ice cream as you will get the same in return.
  • Reward your hard working team for a project well done.
  • Take our Exotic Homemade Ice Cream on your next sales call and watch those doors of opportunity open wide. These doors will close just as fast if you show up with the 'WHY PAY MORE' brand.
  • Order Ice Cream Gift Certificates for small rewards for your hard working employees - Better than paying lip service and it doesn't cost that much.
  • Nothing warms up those communications lines when you take Our Ice Cream to those staff meetings -- A surefire way to get 100% attendance at your staff meetings too.