Nuts About Ice Cream was established in 1988 by the Joshi family. At that time we were selling the same ice cream as sold at the Hess's Patio Restaurant. In 1990 both the Ice Cream supplier and Hess's were experiencing financial difficulties which in turn created an opportunity for us to start making our own Ice Cream. Joshi took the Penn State Dairy Ice Cream School course on ice cream making, which was the beginning of our Ice Cream making venture.

At Nuts About Ice Cream, we are always working on creating something new and different (always with natural ingriedients). We will always strive to bring our customers the most unique frozen dessert ice cream and sorbet products. We are the best because we have a passion in what we make and do. All our ice cream is made under Joshi's direction and guidance to ensure top quality and perfection. To ensure consistency only four people know how to make the Ice Cream (made with a purpose to satisfy the pickiest of our customers) - Ice Cream made by professionals - not some snot nosed kid with a flavor bottle.



To provide our customers with the BEST quality and value.
To meet that end we pledge to use:

  • The best people.
  • The best and highest quality ingredients---All natural extracts, purees, and products; with minimal if none artificial additives
  • Using Ice Cream Making Techniques learned at the Penn State Dairy Ice Cream School
  • The cleanest possible environment.
  • The timeliest and friendliest service level.

  • To treat our customers in the best ethical manner.
  • We shall only use the best ingredients
  • Our advertisements will be clear and true.
  • We wont "nickel and dime" our customers.
  • At any other outdoor events, we will use the same ingredients as we do at our store.
  • We will follow up any concern you have with a reasonable explanation and in a timely manner.

We Guarantee Satisfaction!!

YOU have our Word!
The JOSHI family and all employees of